Why Certification?

Environmental programs are vital to our public health and safety. Management of hazardous materials and wastes requires proven and unquestionable skill and competence. Quality control over the professionals involved in programs of national importance, and particularly of public safety, is best accomplished through certification.

The CHMM credential is the premier credential for Hazardous Materials Managers,Waste Management Professionals, and Environmental Health and Safety Managers. IHMM’s trademark CHMM program recognizes your expertise and allows you to make a significant impact on your community. Corporations, universities and government agencies depend on the CHMM certification to identify qualified professionals in the field. If you manage hazardous or potentially hazardous materials in any capacity join a professional movement toward respect and recognition.

In today's business environment, it takes more than just a technically trained person to manage the risks that hazardous materials pose to organizations and the environment. It also takes managerial competence. That is why those seeking the CHMM credential must demonstrate both technical and managerial competence. The CHMM program believes successful EHS managers must understand business processes and create value to their organizations. They must identify environmental, health and safety risks and devise systems to manage and mitigate those risks. They must be able to prepare EHS budgets, manage finances, communicate, coach and train. CHMMs re prepared for this role. This is a major reason why we are considered the premier credential in the EHS field! 

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