Meeting Topic List

Calendar Year 2010

January  - Regulatory Update, Oakland
March - Sustainability, Sacramento
April - Sierra Nevada Brewery, Chico
August - United Airlines, South Bay
November - Essentials of Hazardous Materials Management, Oakland
December - Members Appreciation Night, Pleasanton

Calendar Year 2009 

February – Regulatory Update, Oakland
March - Solid Waste Regulatory Update, Milpitas
May – University of California EHS/Waste Management, Berkeley
July – Green Economy, Sacramento
August – Tyco Thermal Controls, Redwood City
September - Recycling & Sustainability, San Francisco
October - Green Remediation in California, Sacramento
December - Environmental Risk Management at a Bank, Pleasanton


Calendar Year 2008

January – Regulatory Update, Mission College
March – Chemical Anti-Terrorism Standards, Peony Restaurant, Oakland
May – Joint Meeting with Health Physics Society, USS Hornet, Alameda
June – Bioenergy Recovery Facility, Anheuser Busch, Fairfield
July – Health Effects of Nanomaterials, San Francisco
September – International Bird Rescue Research Center, Cordelia
October – Evolution of Environmental Protection, Sacramento
December – Greening the Entertainment Industry, Orinda


Calendar Year 2007

January – International Outreach, Leading a Radiological Event Exercise in Qatar (Sac section)
February – Regulatory Update
May – Sudwerks Brewery Tour and Meeting (Sac section)
December - Anti-Terrorism Workshop and Radiological Event Exercise in Qatar & Kuwait


Calendar Year 2006 

January – BERC and Stormwater Permits (Sac section)
February – Regulatory Update at Spengers
March - Sacramento County Environmental Management Department Enforcement (Sac section)
May – Marine World
August – Rancho Seco Tour and BBQ (Sac section)
December – Delancy St wine tasting, San Francisco


Calendar Year 2005

January – Regulatory update
February – Affymetrix Tour and Meeting (Sac section)
March – Amtrak
July – Valley of the Moon Winery
December – Delancy St wine tasting


Calendar Year 2004

January  - Regulatory Update
April – Busch brewery
July – DOT
September – Pier 39
December – Delancy St wine tasting

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