The awards committee is an ad hoc committee, which is annually tasked to review nominations to for the Chapter awards and provide recommendations to the Board. The committee also provides recommendations on Chapter service awards and support for other AHMP awards or recognition, as may be appropriate.

Each year the Chapter will identify individuals worthy of recognition for outstanding achievements and accomplishments in the field of hazardous materials management. Nominations may be submitted by Northern California AHMP and other interested individuals. All nominations must be submitted to the NCC-AHMP Awards Committee . The nominations are evaluated by members of the Awards Committee and final selection of the award recipients is approved by the Board of Directors.

The Awards Program consists of the following three major awards:


Given for distinguished service or achievement in support of the Chapter. This award will honor a Northern California AHMP who has made outstanding accomplishments in support of the Chapter, by providing long-term service or continuous professional achievements while promoting the vision & mission of the Chapter and the integrity of the CHMM credential.


Given to a CHMM and member of the Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals (Alliance), who during the previous year has made outstanding accomplishments in the field of hazardous materials management, while promoting the vision & mission of the Chapter and the integrity of the CHMM credential.


This award is given to an individual, who is not a CHMM, nor in the process of becoming a CHMM. The selected individual will be recognized for his/her significant contributions to the CHMM credential or to the overall goals of the Chapter or Alliance in one of three ways:
1. An individual who has made outstanding contributions to the goals and purpose of the Chapter or Alliance,
2. Someone who has made long-term, sustained contributions (over a number of years) that make a lasting positive impact on the CHMM credential or programs, or
3. A government official who demonstrates a clear understanding of sound environmental management principles.


NCC-AHMP also acknowledges the contributions of individuals to the success of the Chapter over the course of the previous 12-month period.

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